This Revolutionary Product Is About to Change Your Lash Game

As a daily false lash-wearer, I’ve been waiting for a moment like this. A moment filled with innovation, possibility and change. Slightly dramatic, but alas, there’s not much excitement happening in this product category. 

We have eyelashes, we have glue and then there might be the occasional nifty application tool, but that’s it. That’s our lot. Honestly, my eyelids were craving some newness, especially as we’re in the age of the face covering. 

Eylure aka the lash pros, seemingly heard my pleas as they’ve just launched the most exciting lash product I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been wearing lashes for. 

Are you ready for this? Eylure Line & Lash (£10) is an eyeliner and wait for it… a lash glue. An eyeliner and adhesive in one. What a time to be alive. It’s a shortcut to applying lashes and if you struggle with applying them, this  makes the process a whole lot easier.

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