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The 2 Products I’m Recommending to All My Friends Who Want Brighter Skin

Along with cardigan weather and brighter mornings, there’s one thing that spring’s arrival guarantees without fail: a flurry of messages from friends and family asking me how they can get their skin looking brighter. Yes, after a long winter spent inside with a distinct lack of vitamin D, most of us are emerging into the early days of spring with dull, tired-looking complexions, and we’re seeking solutions—fast.

Luckily, our sister skincare line Versed is one step ahead, having just launched two new products that are about to be our saving grace for brighter, glowier skin this spring. I’ve been testing them out since they landed on my doorstep last month, and they’ve gone straight to the top of my recommendation list for anyone who is seeking a little help in the glow department. Oh, and with each product coming in at £20 or under, they’re also an affordable addition to your spring skincare routine.

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