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These 23 Hairstyles Prove Long Bobs Always Look Chic

Probably one of the most overlooked hairstyles out there is mid-length hair. Between short pixies and chin-grazing cuts, to long, lustrous tresses, often we forget just how chic mid-length hairstyles can be. But right now, that seems to be changing.

Chances are if you’re anything like us, you’re looking for a way to freshen up your look, and we all know the easiest way to do so is with a new hairstyle—and it seems the look fashion girls are backing is the long bob, otherwise known as the „lob”.

The long bob’s sudden rise through the hair ranks is likely a combination of two things: 1) It’s being sported by those who had shorter hairstyles before lockdown, which have subsequently grown-out due to the lack of salon appointments. And 2) Those with longer hair have been flocking to their hairdressers on masse to embrace a new look.

Regardless, there’s no denying that long bob hairstyles are one of the most timeless hairstyles you can choose, that they look fabulous whatever the hair-type or colour, and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Case in point? This gorgeous lot.

Below you’ll find 25 of our favourite long bob hairstyles, each of which will inspire you to embrace the middle ground.

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This Unexpected Product Completely Changed the Way I Cleanse My Face

Of all the practises that make my little beauty editor heart skip a beat, cleansing my face tops the list. Years of regularly falling asleep with my makeup on in my early twenties (so cringe, I know!) have lead to my near-obsession with thoroughly removing every stitch of gunk and goo from my skin at night, and for me, that means double cleansing is my go-to method. Only, I don’t always reach for the traditional first step, oil cleansers. I often reach for cleansing balms instead. I know some of you might be clutching your pearls right now, so allow me to explain.

Straight oils are great for many skincare purposes, but the truth is they can be a bit messy, and portion control can be problematic. Cleansing balms are an excellent alternative since they deliver makeup-melting oils in a solidified form that break down everything from mascara to sunscreen with ease. The balm that changed my life forever is Farmacy’s Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm (£32). It uses sunflower and gingerroot oils along with turmeric and moringa extracts to dismantle anything and everything lingering on my face and papaya enzymes to naturally exfoliate my pores. It’s a dream to use. I just warm up a small scoop on dry skin before adding a little water to activate a luxe, milky lather.

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The Stylish Loungewear Looks You’ll Want to Wear All Winter Long

Over the last century, there have been various manifestations of loungewear—from the elegant peignoirs of the early 20th century to the silken co-ords of the ‘70s to the ’90s penchant for underwear as outerwear. Fast forward to the modern-day, and we’ve seen an altogether more elevated approach to loungewear come to the fore.

The moment I saw that cooler-than-thou womenswear brand Joseph were stocking tracksuit bottoms and souped-up sports hoodies, I knew something was shifting. I wouldn’t usually consider myself a lover of sporty styles, but there was something so undeniably chic about these camel-coloured (and ultra-comfy) pieces.

My suspicions were confirmed when I turned to Instagram and saw the latest outfit shots from our fave influencers, who were working from home and clad in knitted trousers, chic jogging bottoms, cosy co-ords and cashmere hoodies. They might not be your usual fashion-girl getups, but in our opinion, they look just as good as their usual extroverted ensembles. Scroll down for our favourite loungewear looks.

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Instagram’s Best-Dressed Influencers Just Told Me What They’re Buying for Winter

It’s a fair assumption that I’m a big fan of clothing, in general, working in fashion and all that. But even though my occupation involves looking at a lot of products every day, I still miss some real zingers. I am but one woman, after all. It’s why, then, that I find Instagram such a treasure trove for discovering new brands and new stylish people to follow for tricks, tips and ideas on how to get dressed. While dressing for the winter might look a little different this year (less sparkly dresses, more pretty face masks and puffer coats) that doesn’t mean we can’t find some fun in our wardrobes. And I don’t know about you but I’ve become stuck in a bit of a rut of late, rotating the same items every week. 

This is why I turned to some of the coolest women on Instagram to give me some ideas on how to give my winter wardrobe some oomph. It’s worth noting that all of the women I spoke to have very different styles and chose pieces, and in some cases brands, I’d never seen before, which is exactly why this is so brilliant. There’s a pair of yellow boots from Miista that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make any outfit fun. Then there’s the school-girl style big-collared blouse that’s ideal for now and well into 2021. But minimalists, fret not, as there are still plenty of more traditional winter pieces, such as the perfect beige beanie. Keep scrolling to see the coolest shopping lists you’ll find right now. 

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The New Luxury Report: A Smart Shopping Guide on Worth-It Investments

As I sit here trying to write about luxury fashion in the middle of a global pandemic and unthinkable economic crisis, I’m struggling with a bit of writer’s block. With shopping out of the question for so many people around the world these days, talking about high-end designers can feel odd, but as a fashion website, it’s our duty to keep you well informed about a wide variety of brands, including designer ones. 

Now that we’re about eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, some shopping habits have emerged that are indicative of people’s mindsets right now. For many, sustainability and thoughtful purchases of items that have longevity have been prioritized over buying lots of pieces you may not even wear more than once—especially since most of us are going fewer places than we used to. So if your budget allows for it, shopping for long-lasting luxury these days is wise. But luxury shopping, in particular, calls for some research.

Whether you’re in the market to buy a designer piece or are just intrigued by which brands and items are gaining the most attention these days, we’ve done the hard work for you. To narrow the following list down to the 14 buzziest brands on the scene in 2020, we gathered data on Who What Wear readers’ purchases and product clicks, on-site brand searches, and social media engagement via our 3.4 million global Instagram followers. Keep scrolling to find out the best use of your wardrobe budget this year (if you’re seeking out an investment purchase).

Among the most popular high-end brands this year, there are several of the usual suspects (would it even be a luxury report without Chanel?) as well as some exciting newcomers such as Christopher Esber, which is all over our Instagram feeds, and Christopher John Rogers, which would be all over the red carpet if red carpets were a thing right now. Either way, they all have one thing in common: everyone wants them in their closet right now.

Of the buzziest brands of 2020, it was Prada that saw the most dramatic growth in interest (84% over last year, to be exact), and is among our top-saved social media posts. Of particular interest for our readers have been the more accessible, everyday items and specifically, the brand’s wildly popular platform loafers.

Pictured: Prada Re-Nylon Gabardine Bralette Top 

Following 2019’s Bottega Veneta craze, the brand has remained at the top of shopper’s wish lists and is one of our top five most searched brands of the year. Not surprisingly, of particular interest are the bags and shoes.

Pictured: Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag and Tire Boots 

Chanel is holding strong, as expected. It continues to be one of our top-engaged luxury brands on social. This year, we saw the most engagement for Chanel accessories, which are a little more attainable than the bags and clothing.

Pictured: Chanel shirt and shoes

One look at our readers’ most-purchased luxury products, and it’s clear: Gucci shoes and accessories are some of the most-wanted investment buys this year.

Pictured: Gucci Jackie 1961 Small Hobo Bag 

A perennial Who What Wear editor favorite, Loewe makes some of the most highly coveted, timeless pieces on the market. It shows no signs of fading as is ever-present in my Instagram feed.

Pictured: Loewe Puzzle Bag 

Thanks to the many celebrities who are forever loyal to Hermès, on-site searches for the brand on are up by 38% this year. As long as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West remain devotees, the interest will remain high.

Pictured: Hermès bag

Another celebrity-favored brand, Versace searches are also up significantly this year. That famous palm print and the popularity of all things ’80s in fashion may have something to do with it.

Pictured: Versace shorts

Christopher John Rogers has had a banner year. After winning the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award last November and pulling off one of the most highly praised collections of the F/W 20 season, we’re sure that his designs would’ve been all over the red carpet this year. Proof: Zendaya’s jaw-dropping Emmys look.

Pictured: Christopher John Rogers dress

Fans of Khaite’s wearable designs are plentiful, with the brand’s jumpers, denim, and shoes drawing the most interest among our readers. It started the sweater set trend that every brand has gotten in on, and will continue to set trends with its directional eye for seasons to come.

Pictured: Khaite Scarlet Cashmere Cardigan and Eda Cashmere Soft-Cup Bra 

When even Beyoncé and Adele count themselves as a fan of Marine Serre’s unmistakable moon print, you know it’s gone beyond just viral. The sustainable brand’s now-iconic printed wares and all of her slightly futuristic, slightly athletic pieces have become synonymous with fashion in 2020.

Pictured: Marine Serre jacket and jeans

Christopher Esber’s take on cool-girl glamour has captured the attention of all the cool girls on Instagram. His brand of minimalism-with-a-twist will always be relevant.

Pictured: Christopher Esber top

Fine jewelry has been a surprisingly hot item this year, as people are seeking pieces with longevity that they don’t have to wait to have somewhere to wear them to. In particular, sculptural earrings and simple necklaces have garnered lots of attention during this new era (shout out to Zoom). Mateo is a brand that counts Zendaya as one of its many celebrity fans and that can be found on a slew of major retailers (i.e. Net-a-Porter and Shopbop) now.

Pictured: Mateo Initial 14-Karat Gold Diamond Necklace 

Although it may not be a luxury brand in the vein of Bottega Veneta, I thought it was important to feature a more attainable brand (that’s also wildly popular) in this year’s report. Aside from countless celebrities wearing the brand this year, it released two wildly popular collaborations with New Balance.

Pictured: New Balance x Staud Long Sleeve Performance Top  and Track Pants 

Sweden-based Totême’s rise to fame can likely be attributed to the seasonless nature of its chic, minimalist pieces. The brand is adored by influencers and celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and our readers are particularly keen on its dresses.

Pictured: Totême sweater

Now that we’re all well-versed in the brands that have captured everyone’s attention as of late, let’s discuss the specific luxury items that shoppers are prioritizing. Practicality is more important than ever right now, and the list above further drives that point home. 

Our data shows that accessories, jewellery, and basics that can be worn often are holding the majority of the It-item spots. With fewer places to go this year, our wardrobe needs are narrower, but people clearly want to invest in things they’ll continue to want to wear post-pandemic but that are comfortable and easygoing enough to wear now.

Next up, a few more investment-worthy pieces with serious longevity: 9 classic bags that will never go out of style.

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All of the ’90s Fashion Trends That Are Still Around in 2020

Just when you think all of the possible forgotten looks from the 1990s had remained hidden, along comes another one. How much do you want a really ridiculously small bag right now? And how much better would it be if it had tiny handles and was rendered in silk-satin (see Kate Beckinsale below)? Or what about those ’90s Kate Moss images you come back to time and again for inspiration on what to wear on a night out? We’ve recently rediscovered a love for old-school Sarah Jessica Parker and combat trousers, too. The revivals are coming in thick and fast, people. Thick and fast.

Keep scrolling for our guide to the ’90s fashion items, trends and combinations we wore to death and then forgot about until now.

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Julia Roberts’s Style in Notting Hill Is So 2020

It’s been 20 years since Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant hit our screens in Notting Hill, and not only can you see the film’s lasting legacy outside houses with blue doors in West London (this remains a key tourist photo op), but you can also see it in our wardrobes. Julia Roberts’s character, Anna Scott, delivered one of the greatest onscreen lines (you know, the one about being a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her), and she can also lay claim to all this year’s key looks, from berets to kimonos.

I can still recite most of the script from the film, but until looking at pictures of her outfits, I never remembered her onscreen looks as particularly stylish. She wears many of the items that you’ll see all over the streets of Notting Hill in 2020, from berets to leather blazers to tiny ’90s style sunglasses. 

Scroll below to see the Anna Scott outfits we want to copy, and shop the key pieces to re-create her look.

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Rosie HW Just Shared Her Winter Coat Collection—and We’re Obsessed

Considering her wardrobe is filled to the brim with Bottega Veneta, it is easy to see why people everywhere covet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s iconic style. The model is known for mixing sleek, minimalist pieces with statement accessories and often opts for timeless shades of black, white and beige.

In what has become her signature Instagram post, this week Rosie uploaded a slideshow featuring several of her recent looks and unsurprisingly, we are now desperate to recreate each and every one of them. 

Between chunky zip-front boots by The Row and handbags courtesy of Bottega Veneta (of course), the model’s autumn style is as enviable as ever. However, amongst this particular group of outfits, the thing that really caught our attention had to be her outerwear.

Rosie displayed a chic rotation of classic tailored coats alongside of-the-moment quilted puffer jackets and cropped wool blazers, many of which were by Stockholm-based brand Totême. Of course, Rosie wouldn’t be Rosie if she didn’t throw some Bottega in there for good measure. Keep scrolling to see Rosie’s latest looks and shop her exact coats and jackets below. 

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Aceste 40 de cadouri de frumusețe Sfântul Graal vin cu sigiliul editorilor noștri de aprobare

Beauty buys always make for a brilliant gift suggestion. Sure, we all have favourite products upon which we rely. Still, there’s nothing quite like receiving that new cult eye shadow palette that you couldn’t justify buying for yourself or unboxing a gift set of the high-end shampoo and conditioner that make your hair look salon styled. Whether you’re shopping for your mum, your sister, your best friend, your work wife, your niece, whomever, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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7 Idei de ținute de iarnă pe care le poți încerca în acest weekend și Dincolo

Oricât am dori să pretindem că nu au făcut-o, temperaturile de iarnă s-au instalat foarte bine. eu sunt obișnuit. Am nevoie de o doză grea de inspirație pentru ținuta de iarnă , deoarece trecerea în lunile următoare va necesita multă planificare. W aici mai bine să te întorci decât Instagram? De la imagini cu paltoane confortabile împușcate printre frunze căzute până la jachete pufoase inducătoare de invidie și combinații de pulovere cu gât rulat, setul nostru de prieteni de modă știe cu siguranță cum să facă pe oricine să-și dorească pansamentul de iarnă.

În timp ce iarna s-ar putea să nu fie sezonul meu de alegere, un lucru care lucrează în favoarea sa este faptul că oferă mai multe oportunități de a experimenta garderoba mea. Abundența straturilor necesare pentru a trece peste zi echivalează inevitabil cu un număr nesfârșit de combinații de ținute și nu pot nega că există ceva interesant în acest sens. Îmi voi petrece weekendurile de iarnă amestecând și potrivind piesele mele preferate pentru a crea ținute care să acorde prioritate căldurii și confortului, dar să nu le lipsească stilul. O haină declarativă și adidași groși ? Verifica. O jachetă puffer și o rochie midi? De ce nu? Derulați mai jos pentru șapte ținute de weekend de iarnă pe care le vom încerca.